Linking the core of corporate information

Update Information with Analyses for Security and Growth of Your Important Business

Needless to say, it is critical for every company to get hold of all possible information about any potential customers or business partners-to-be, let alone health condition of the subject, including the update situation of related markets when you start doing business with them, or even long-time business partners in such an era of uncertainty. However, it is becoming much more difficult than ever to obtain the required information on time in an appropriate manner due to much complicated and rapidly changing business world.

We, Credit Exchange Agency Ltd., have been dedicated to furnish many of our valuable clients with appropriate corporate information with rating as quickly as possible since its establishment in 1952. We have been proud of being an advisory pilot and go-between player for our clients in terms of management and business strategy since then.

We are determined to continue trying harder to meet various demands from our clients as usually as we have been doing, for their further prosperity for now and in the future.


Business Outline

  • Research Service of Overseas Corporation
  • Research Service of Domestic Corporation
  • Our Database Service
  • Corporate Directory Publication
  • Bankruptcy Update